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Privacy Policy


This policy sets out our responsibilities in terms of the Protection of Personal Information Act 4 of 2013 in terms of what personal information (if any) this website collects from you, how any such information is stored and how any such information is used.


By using this website the user agrees to make available such requested personal information as is necessary for the website to function as intended and for the convenience of the user - clicking on the "Got it" button signifies consent i.e. "Opt In."" By Opting In the user also agrees to the use of Cookies as described in this policy.

If a user does not wish to Opt In then they should not make use of the website.

A user whose personal information has been provided and who no longer wishes to have such information made use of, may use our contact form to request that all provided information be no longer used by Super Floral.

Liability Disclaimer

While every care is made to protect personal user information, Super Floral cannot accept any liability for unauthorised disclosure by 3rd parties whether by intent or by negligence on the part of such 3rd parties.

Information Collected and Purpose of Collection

A user may be requested to register on the website in order for the user to subscribe to news bulletins and other marketing information - such registration is not mandatory in order to use the website.

A user may be requested to register on the website for the purpose of ordering and/or purchasing products advertised on the website where the user can save and update a user profile in the website's database to make it easier to place orders or make purchases - such registration may be mandatory in order for the user to be able to place orders, make purchases or view prices in the website.

A user may provide requested information in order to submit an enquiry - some requested information may be mandatory (e.g. an email address) while other information provision may be discretionary.

A user may provide requested information for the purposes of submitting an application such as a credit or other application.

Information requested might include the following:

Telephone number(s)
Email Address
Identity Number
VAT number
Company Registration Number

Information that will not be requested:

Credit/bank card/bank account information - if making a purchase a user will be directed to a secure payment gateway - credit/bank card information is not conveyed via the website and the website is not able to capture/store any such information - the user's web browser communicates directly with the payment gateway.

Personal Information Storage

Such personal information collected by the website which is necessary to be stored, is stored in a secure, encrypted database to which access is limited to the website itself and website database technical staff in order to provide database support and maintenance.

Where a user has requested their stored personal information be no longer used and/or retained by Super Floral, Super Floral must be requested in writing to have the user's personal information no longer used.

A request that Super Floral no longer makes use of the user's stored information will not incur a charge.

A request to have any personal information be deleted from any stored version of that information may carry a charge.

Personal information stored in the website's database is automatically deleted after three months. Should a user wish to have all stored personal information immediately deleted from the website database this would only be possible at a charge incurred by the user.

Website Usage Data, Cookies and Access

This website stores some information on the user's device - this is called Cookies. Our website requires the user to allow their web browser to enable cookies for the website to work properly.

Information stored in cookies will not contain any personal information. In the case of online purchasing, cookies may be used to store information relating to a shopping cart or ordering cart - such carts (order and/or purchasing) will only contain product references, not any person-identifiable information.

Information relating to visits to this website such as how many visits, time of visit, IP address of the visitor, duration of visit, type of device etc may be collected by Google Analytics or the web server logs, for the purpose of measuring website performance, reliability, fault-determination and assessing marketing needs.


This website might make use of a Security Certificate (SSL) (indicated by a padlock symbol next to the website address in the web browser's address bar). An SSL certificate encrypts data between the web browser and the website to provide a more secure and confident user experience.

The website delivers information via a web server in a secure location using suitable hardware and software to meet the needs of Super Floral. Regular reviews are conducted by us to ensure best practices and standards are maintained for the website construction, management and integrity.


Website enquiries that are submitted from the website take the form of an email which is sent to us by the website. The web server retains a log of all emails sent. The log contains no person-identifiable information and does not contain any email content (e.g. subject, message content). The log does contain the email address of the user, the destination email address(es), time and date of the email and whether the email was successfully delivered to the user's email provider.

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